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Here at MemCode, our scientists and engineers are developing new technologies that allow the consensual absorption of new Memories into your cerebral cortex.

Core Processes

There are two core processes at work in our system. First, we encode Memories from raw digital materials from a pool of Memory providers (who we call Writers). Once encoded, the Memory is then formatted for easy absorption by someone to whom that memory is completely new (i.e. our Customers or, at this stage in the research process, Readers). 

If you are interested in becoming a Reader, please click here.

if you are interested in being a memory Writer, please click here

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Once implanted, the Reader will ‘remember’ the details of the Memory as if it were their own. In this primitive first stage of public research, we intend to experiment with different modes of implantation to gain data on Reader absorption and enjoyment ratings. While this process is underway, we will develop Cortex Port technologies to remove the need for secondary devices and begin testing a Live Memory Recall approach as opposed to an implanted one. In short, you will be able to live through the memories at your own pace and in your own order, in your mind, rather than simply ‘recalling’ a scene that has been implanted. 

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